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Early Wanamingo History:

  • Jensen: Getting to school in the '20s
  • Tongen: High School in the 1920s
  • Bakko: Air tragedy over Wanamingo
  • Bakko: The old flour mill
  • Bakko: Wanamingo Ski Club
  • Otto: Wanamingo Fastpitch League
  • Johnson: Early Wanamingo Restaurant
  • Bakko: Larson Log House



North West states - a vast plain

Were once the bottom of the lake formed by the melting glacier (in general, during the last ice age glaciers covered almost the entire surface of modern Minnesota, except for the south-east of the state). West and south-west of Minnesota - is prairie, covered with grass and shrubs steppe. In the south-east of the state are deciduous forest.

Minnesota is called "State of ten thousand lakes", according to official statistics in the state of almost twelve thousand lakes with an area greater than ten acres (40,000 m2). The largest and deepest of them - this, of course, Lake Superior, one of the Great Lakes of North America.

The state has about six and a half thousand rivers and streams, it is in Minnesota are the origins of the largest rivers in the United States - Mississippi.

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